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About Us – Miami

Hey There, my name is Lis and I’m the Founder of Kharas Beauty Studio!

For a considerable time, I had been on a quest to find the perfect fusion of beauty and science. Excitingly, I've unearthed the incredible potential of Platelet Rich Plasma for naturally revitalizing the body.

As a dedicated nurse and beautician specializing in anti-aging treatments, I've undergone training with esteemed esthetician doctors from the USA, Brazil, and Colombia. I'm proud to share that my Biostimulation technique with Plasma Rich in Platelets is FDA approved.

Med Spa Miami

Over the past decade, my Plasma Treatment has been successfully administered to a diverse range of clients with varying skin types and conditions, yielding gratifying results and backed by verifiable testimonials. With a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, I take pride in the satisfaction of my clientele.

At my studio, we are genuinely passionate about delivering the finest treatments that invigorate your cells and leave you looking radiant. Come and explore how the synergy of science and natural ingredients can elevate your beauty. You will be welcomed at Kharas Beauty Studio with open arms.

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